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Topical Rollers


while we move back into the red light covid system, there may be some delays in supplies which will affect some of our products being made. We thank you for your patience during this period. 

From the Odd Drops & Khandy Drops team

  • Body Relief Roller
    Formulated to help target sore muscles or a pained area. roll onto areas needing help and massage into skin.
  • Energize Roller
    Specially formulated roller to help energize the mind, clear mental fog and great as a mid afternoon pick me up.

    Roll onto wrists, temples (around hairline and avoid eyes) and behind the ears
  • Immune Boost
    Topical roller to help boost the immune system during seasonal ailments.
  • Inhale Roller
    One of my favourite blends to help clear airways and is helpful for a congested chest and blocked nose.
  • Sweet Dreams Roller
    blended with calming vibes in mind. Roll on to pulse points to promote rest and relaxation before bed
  • Head Tension
    Made to help ease a sore head, Roll onto temples close to hairline (keep clear of the eyes) to help with tension and tiredness.
  • Kawakawa Skin Topical Roller
    Handy sized oil roller is perfect for particular areas to get to such as the face, behind the ears and under the eyes. This beautiful kawakawa skin oil is blended with pure essential oils to help smaller patches of dry skin, bags under eyes, rosacea and all over face skin rejuvenation. Contains Helichrysum, Manuka and Lavender.

    Kawakawa oil contains leaf fibres for a richer blend.

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