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  • Body Relief Soak
    Odd Drops special soak blend infused with pure essential oils to target sore muscles and replenish the body
  • Sweet Dreams Soak
    Odd Drops special soak blend infused with pure essential oils to relax the body after a long day
  • Taking our magnesium oil to new heights by adding the helpful essential oils of wintergreen and cypress with Copaiba to help aching muscles, reduce cramps and restore magnesium levels fast. Great to keep in the sportsbag or on the sideline
  • Cant decide which ones to get? grab all 3 in our handy 65g trial packets.
  • Skin Soak Salts
    While Our original soak salts are made to relax and relieve our body and mind, these salt work to soothe and nourish the skin. These salts have our Epsom and pink Himalayan salts as well as bicarbonate soda, organic colloidal oats, kawakawa oil and frankincense essential oil. Place in bath and soak body to soothe itchy inflamed skin, revive and moisturise.
  • Sports pair 2x300ml
    These 2 sprays go hand in hand as a great duo to have in your sports bag or even beach bay. The cooling spray to keep you cool not just from the sun but gives you relief and instant coolness from running around. The magnesium sports spray is our wonderful magnesium oil blended with specified essential oils that improve circulation, replenish magnesium and aid in quick muscle recovery. Can be sprayed onto affected areas and left or massaged in. Perfect for sideline niggles and cramps to get you back out there faster.
  • Body Relief Spray
    For targeted muscle relief and replenish magnesium levels. With added essential oils to work with the magnesium for added support. Comes in 100ml spray bottle. For topical use only. Bottle colours may vary
  • Cool Down - after sun 300ml
    This tried and true after sun spray is great for soothing and nourishing skin exposed to the sun. Keeping it cool in the fridge also help cool body temperature fast.
  • Cool down solution in a handy refill bottle to add to your Spray bottle.
  • Inhale room spray
    100ml spray bottle. Designed to fragrant the room and has essential oils to help open airways and clear germs in the air. For aromatic use only, Bottle colours may vary
  • Sweet dreams room spray
    100ml spray bottle. Designed to Fragrant the room while essential oils used also promote a relaxing mood For aromatic purposes. Bottle colour may vary

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