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For the home

  • Diffuser Drops
    Sunny Days. Made to boost your day. A citrus and warming blend. Inhale. A breath of fresh air. Open the lungs with this special blend. Immune boost. Give your body a fighting chance from the elements and bugs that can bring you down. Sweet Dreams: To promote a relaxing and restful environment at the end of a long day.
  •  3pk bundle
    Bright style wraps in 3 sizes Large: 35x30 cm Med: 30x30 cm Sml: 28x25 cm
  • Inhale room spray
    100ml spray bottle. Designed to fragrant the room and has essential oils to help open airways and clear germs in the air. For aromatic use only, Bottle colours may vary
  • Sweet dreams room spray
    100ml spray bottle. Designed to Fragrant the room while essential oils used also promote a relaxing mood For aromatic purposes. Bottle colour may vary

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