Q. I used to get a certain product from you but its not on this site. Can I still get it?

A. It may be available at a later date as I have narrowed down my products to suit demand. Drop us an enquiry in contact us and I'll see what I can do.

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. Due to the products having no synthetic preservatives or additives in them, the shelf life of them are not as long as commercial products but I can with confidence say they last atleast 6 months with proper storage care.

Q. Do your products have a strong smell?

I only use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in my products as opposed to fragrant oils to keep them natural so some products may produce a subtle smell when mixed with other ingredients while our rollers have a stronger smell due to only being mixed with a carrier oil.

Q. Are your products safe for children and pregnant women?

Whilst my products are naturally made to be harmless, they do carry pure essential oils which can reacted different to children and pregnant women.  My products are currently aimed more for adult use but I can also cater to childrens ratios in rollers etc. My soak salts and Kawakawa range are perfect for all ages.

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