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WELCOME! I am so glad you stopped by.

Odd Drops came about after my deep love for esential oils, I spent 3 years learning from the basics of what an essential oil is and the many benefits they held for myself, my son and my home. From there it grew from sharing oils to producing everyday products that are not full of toxins and safe for all skin types and for everyday use. I will admit a lot of dancing and singing goes on during manufacturing stages so if you find yourself humming a random 90s song while applying one of my products, that could be the reason Smile rest assured it was created in a happy environment.

Here you'll find products that I've chosen especially to share with you all. I have sought to find the purest and most ethically sourced essential oils, quality organic and or fair trade ingredients and my blending process happens with great care and quality which I am very proud of. I also have my range made with our New Zealand native healing plant Kawakawa (Piper excelsum) and using traditional Rongoa Maori (Maori medicinal) methods I have been able to do the start to finish process of harvesting the leaves, coldpressing them to infuse oil and create a beautiful range of skin oils, balms, and so much more that heal and replenish the skin. I hope you enjoy having a look around and find something that sparks your interest. -Roka.


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